• Aromatherapy Body Massage

    Aromatherapy body massage in delhi

    Aromatherapy massage is one of the natural therapies. Fragrances have played a key role in enhancing our emotions and well-being since ancient times, since they have a direct impact on our nervous system and therefore, in addition to the healing and beauty of the massage, it is also well suited for the treatment of psychological problems. Different herbs work in the deeper layers of the skin and affect the lymph and blood flow, stimulate, detoxify and regenerate and stimulate the self-healing process of the body.








    During massage we use 100% pure vegetable oil.

    Recommended fatigue, fatigue, nervousness, weaknesses of internal organs (eg gastrointestinal, intestinal, cardiac or circulatory complaints), or if we are looking for a little pampering, we want our body to harmonize.
    Effects of Aromatherapy Oils:

        They have an effect on the central and peripheral nervous system,
        They have antibiotic, antiviral effect.

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